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The Farm


In June of 2013, hubby and I purchased a home. We were looking for a simple house with some land. Preferably with established fruit trees and sufficient space for a chicken coop, a greenhouse, and a shed. I wanted a big open kitchen. Pete wanted a garage he could work in.

After a couple of months, after intensive searching, our miracle-working realtor, Stephanie McDade, told me of a house that had just come on the market. After praying, we drove to this place. The outside of the house was blue (my favorite color) and simple. It was a good beginning.

We walked into the home and I was pleasantly surprised to find hard-wood floors everywhere. Yay! I am not much of a carpet fan. The kitchen? A dream come true. Wide open with very nice cabinets and a gas burning stove. All the little boxes in my mental list were being checked off. The garage? Big enough for two cars and long enough to put up a huge workbench.

But the best part came when I looked out of the french doors in the kitchen. Half an acre of land. About half of that was grass. And the other half was dirt…

With fruit trees (two cherries, two plums, and two apricots) and a walnut tree…

And chicken coops (three)…

And a green house (12×10 feet)…

And a shed (12×24 feet)….

And three bonus raspberry bushes.

Needless to say, the rest is history. We found our place. Everything I had on my checklist for a home had been checked off. (Stephanie is good like that – she has a gift. Her clients get their checklists filled.)

There was work to be done here. Fun work. The Farm is full of projects. Click on a link below as I share our journey with you:

Transforming the Backyard