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Introducing the Cats

We have three cats.

There is Molly, a tortie who used to be possessed. She had crazy eyes. She is the matriarch of the three cats. She hates the other two, but loves them. When they snuggle up, she growls at them as she licks them clean. I believe Molly is part dog. She growl when the doorbell rings and must go check out who is at the door. She digs holes. And stands protectively near me if there is a dog close by.

Then there’s Tiger (a big black Bombay) who is a huge baby. He has bear claws, and lion’s teeth, but cowers at everything. Poor misguided, syrupy thing. He lays on Molly, cause he could care less what she thinks of him as long as he gets his bath. When I’m outside, he will run up behind me and tap my thighs, then run away expecting to be chased. Yep – he likes to play tag with me. Scares me every time! He has to sit on my shoulders as I brush my teeth, not realizing that those bear claws are intense!

And then there’s little Autumn. The baby. Found in a dumpster with her mama and three siblings. Only Autumn and another of the patched tabbies made it.

Autumn is the only one who hunts the mice and the birds. She catches the prey and sits idly by as she watches the other two cats play with it. Usually, we are able to rescue the little things and release them in a nearby field. She likes to sit on chairs until Molly walks by, and then she pounces on her. She used to be bullied, but I think she has become the bully now and picks on Molly something terrible.

When I sleep at night, IF I let them in my room, Molly sleeps on my feet, Tiger curls around my head on the pillow, and Autumn snuggles right under my arm and pokes her nose under my chin. Can I sleep well? No. As the owner, do I move them out of the way? Heavens no!

We know who (or should I say little whos) run the house.


Autumn, the queen, on her throne


Tiger in his throne… “where’s the food?!?”


Tiger and Autumn, on the lookout for Molly, most likely – ambush time!




The three amigos.

Well, Molly would never admit to that! But we do know that she loves the other two – in her very own special way.

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  1. I LOVE to read this story… it’s so similar to what my cat Toekie does… tapping my legs…wanting to be chased! <3 Love it. Your cat's are gorgeous… i wanna rub that catmouflage belly! rubbedyrubbedyrubbbb! 😀

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